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November 2017

Back Attack!!!


BACK ATTACK!!! If you're working out for the sake of looking good, then you're probably aiming to build that signature "V-taper"—a big, broad back that makes you look powerful and even more dominant. To build that deep V, you'll need to focus on building the key muscles of your back. Here are a few workouts [...]

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The most glorious day of the week! CHEST DAY!


It’s The most glorious day of the week! CHEST DAY! Try out this chest/delt workout to help get that chest pump you’re looking for!   CHEST/DELTS pec deck flys- 4 x 15 ( last set drop set ) flat bench press- 4 x 15,12,10,8 incline db press- 4 x 15,12,10,8 reverse pec deck- 3 x 20 [...]

The most glorious day of the week! CHEST DAY!2017-11-21T05:44:58+00:00

Legs for days!!!


Want to get in a great leg workout but not sure what to do? Try out this Leg workout to help build up your endurance and achieve the GAINS you’re looking for! LEGS FOR DAYS leg extensions- 5 x 15 ( last set drop ) Back Squat - 5 x 15,12,12,10,10 leg press feet wide- [...]

Legs for days!!!2017-11-21T05:46:38+00:00